Admissions and Withdrawals

Admission of any candidate will be entirely on the basis of merit and the decision of the school authorities will be final in this respect.
Parents are asked to fill the admission form with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted for whatsoever. The school does not accept affidavit to change the date of birth already officially entered.
Candidates will be examined for the class immediately below to which they seek admission.
A pupil who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a School Leaving Certificate (T.C) from the school last attended. If a pupil comes from a school outside the state of West Bengal, the certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of the State from which the pupil comes.
In the interest of the School, the Principal can have a student removed if he/she fails to accept the discipline of the school and their continued presence is detrimental to the interest of the other students.
Pupils seeking admission must be introduced by their parents or guardians who will be responsible for their fees, regular attendance and good conduct.
Students who fail to secure promotion for two consecutive years are required to leave the school. A transfer certificate will be issued.
Students absent on the first day of the term or absent for fifteen consecutive days without proper information will have their names removed from the School Attendance Register.
Tuition fees will be charged for twelve months of the academic year irrespective of when a student is admitted.
Students who run away from school/home for any reason will not be allowed to continue with their studies in this institution thereafter.
School Leaving Certificate (T.C) is issued only after a written application to the Principal from the Parent/Guardian and all the dues of the school till the end of the year have been cleared. The T.C. will be issued fifteen days after the payment of all the outstanding dues along with the T.C. fees.
Admission to Himalayan English School implies on the part of students and parents, willingness to comply with all the requirement and regulations of the school. In all matters of promotion, failure or disciplinary action, the decision of the Principal /Administrator is final.
There are three terminal examinations. Progress reports are given to the students to be shown to the parents and to be countersigned by them.
Students who are absent for examinations for any reason whatsoever, will not be re-examined.
Marks obtained in all the three examinations will determine promotion to the next standard.
Use of unfair means during examination will lead to cancellation of paper or expulsion from the current test/examination.
Students must secure 40% marks in English, Second Language, History-Civics-Geography, Maths and Science/Commerce for promotion to the next standard.
80% of attendance is a must.
The decision of the school authorities with regard to the promotion is final

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