General information Himalayan English School

Himalayan English School Siliguri

Aims and Methods

The primary object of the school is to instil discipline and impart sound education to the children and foster a sense of respect for the rich culture and spiritual traditions of the country.
The school prepares the students for the ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) and ISC(Indian School Certificate) Examinations. The curriculum pursued by the school is in consonance with the syllabus provided by the Council for the I.C.S.E, New Delhi. The medium of instruction is English. The second language (Hindi/Bengali) is compulsory.


Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in school. Guardians are requested to collaborate in this with the school authorities by ensuring regular attendance, performance of home tasks and punctuality of their wards. Periodical reports in the school diary will keep the parents informed of the progress of their children. These reports are to be countersigned by the parents and returned.
Students are answerable to the school authorities for the conduct in and outside the school. Hence, misbehaviour of any sort justifies dismissal. Irregular attendance, habitual illness or idleness, objectionable moral behavior, conduct detrimental to the ordinary life of the school, continual failure to make satisfactory progress in studies and above all discourtesy, disrespect and disobedience to staff are each a sufficient cause for dismissal.

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