Note to Parents & Guardians

Parents retain their rights and duties in the education of their children although they partly delegate them to the school. The support and collaboration of the parents is always considered indispensable for the success of the work of education carried out by the school.
Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by:
Fees are to be paid by the 20th of every month; else a fine of Rs. 50 will have to be paid with the due amount.
Before every terminal examination, all dues should be cleared else the student's report card will be withheld. Fees for the entire year must be cleared before the Annual Examinations, failing which, the student will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.
Students who constantly come to school late, who do not wear proper uniform or who do not pay fees on time may be sent back home without information and the school management will not be responsible for this. Therefore it is necessary for the parents/guardians to be attentive to such important details.
Your presence is essential in the co-curricular activities (Sports Meet, Concerts, Teacher-Parent Meetings etc.) of the school in order to be made aware of the information regarding these activities. Your co-operation in this regard is solicited.
If the guardian is called for by the Principal/Administrator and the guardian fails to turn up, the student may not be allowed in the class till the guardian meets the Principal.

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