School Rules

Every student should take care to always address the teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness. They should be well behaved and courteous towards their companions and all those whom they meet on their way to and from the school.
The language in and around the school premises is English.
Students are responsible for their own belongings. Each article should be marked with the student's name and class.
Absence from the school without a leave sanction is not permitted except when the cause is sudden illness or accident. Absence from class must be entered in the school diary with reason written and signed by the Parent/ Guardian.
Absence from school to attend birthdays, excursions, festivals, urgent business or study at home is never allowed.
Parents should record reasons for their child's lack of punctuality or absence in the "Regularity Record" section of the School Diary and sign the same.
After an illness, students must produce a Doctor's Certificate stating that he / she is fit to join school.
Any books, circulars, cards, magazines, literature or any article of objectionable nature like mobile phones, cameras or Walkman should not be brought to School. If any student is found with these above mentioned items, these will be confiscated and a fine imposed on the defaulter.
Smoking, chewing pan or betel-nut or tobacco, chewing gum etc. is strictly forbidden in the school premises.
Any damage to the school property must be made good by the student concerned.
Private tuition are discouraged as they interfere with the smooth running of the school. Teachers are urged to take extreme care with regard to their clarity of teaching during the classes so that a student may not need tuition.
No monetary collections of any sort or fines shall be made by anyone in the school without a prior permission of the Principal. Presents or any other incentive to members of staff also requires the Principal's permission.
Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview the teacher during school hours.
Students must bring tiffin from home and avoid buying food from the shops around the school. The school is not responsible for the food sold by vendors. Eating in the class is a serious breach of discipline and in such case the student may be penalized.
Fee related information is provided in the Fee Book itself. A five present increase in the fees every year is normal. Besides, the school reserves the right to increase the fees at any time of the year. If the increment is deemed necessary.

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